Valeria Iacampo

Her first encounter with art was at the age of 12 when she started attending a ballet and modern dance school for 9 years before taking on the Theatre Academy of Rome S.A., where she graduated in acting at the age of 24. Valeria also attended the Denton Ballet Academy in Texas and specialized in contemporary dance at the I.A.L.S. in Rome. In 2012 she graduated at the University of Roma 3 in Cinema and Visual Arts with the highest score.
Her first acting debut was with La piccola compagnia di Shakespeare, then she worked in different musical productions taking part of M.A.G. (Movimento Artistico Giovanile) for 4 years as a choreographer, dancer and actor. At the age of 25, she directed a dance theatre show inspired by Dostoyevsky’s novel “Notes from Underground” that debuted in Sofia. In that period she had a role in a TV show and worked for some Cinema Productions. in A few years later she started travelling around Europe with the International Theatre directed by Tomaso Thellung, working as an actor and directing workshops for professional actors. She took part in an artistic collective in Sweden, the “Teatermaskinen”, where she performed in a show about Pierpaolo Pasolini; “The Pleaser of Being Shocked”.
In 2018 she got a scholarship for attending a course at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles, where she founded the theatre company Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities with Eric Paterniani and Veronica Nolte. They debuted with the co-directed play “Longing Pinocchio” in South Hollywood.
When she came back to Europe she worked in Rome as Assistant Choreographer for Paola Maffioletti and as a teacher for the Accademia Fondamenta. She was also the Assistant Director for Massimo De Rossi.
Recently she created an artistic collective in the U.K., where all professional artists are welcome to collaborate.
Her new theatre company in London keeps the name of Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities.

Eric Paterniani

Eric Paterniani is an Italian actor with 6 years of work experience between Rome, New York and Los Angeles. Praised by the New York Times for “evincing an Italian accent with Pythonesque zeal” for The Taming Of The Shrew (Grumio) he also starred in The Two Gentlemen Of Verona (Launce), The Tempest (Caliban), The Merchant Of Venice (Launcelot) and Measure For Measure (Elbow) for Bryant Park Shakespeare. Other NY credits are Oedipus Rex (Oedipus), Three Sisters (Tuzenbach), El Cruce Sobre El Niagara (Carlo), The Rocky Horror Show (Eddie), Line (Arnall) and The American Mime Theatre Company Repertory. He was part of several national tours with The Panto Company USA including The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. In Los Angeles he made his playwright debut with “Longing Pinocchio”. From Ravenna, Italy, Eric is a Rome Theatre Academy Alumni, Golden Gemini Award winner and Latin Critics ACE Award Nominee, acting in English, Spanish and Italian.

Veronica Nolte

Veronica Nolte is an Italian actress who performed in many international venues in Europe and the United States.

New York City credits include Off-Broadway plays “Marino Faliero”, “Measure For Measure” for Shakespeare in Bryant Park, “Die Hamletmaschine” and “Othello: The Panther” and became an official cast member of The American Mime Theatre Company.

While in Los Angeles she starred in the successful and critically acclaimed immersive theatre production “Delusion: The Blue Blade” and she co-founded the company Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities and their first original play “Longing Pinocchio”, premiered in North Hollywood in Summer 2018.

She also starred in the awarded music video “Home” by BARK and her YouTube Channel “Vero Z” has now accumulated over 1 Million views.

Luigi Petrazzuolo

Now working in Italy and England, he attended acting classes since the age of 13 in a countryside near Napoli, then joined the television business at the age of 17 playing Pasqualino in an Italian soap opera called “Un posto al sole” which officially stated his cinema career.

Roberta Palumbo

Roberta calls herself an Anglo-Italian. Born in Yorkshire but raised on the slopes of Mt. Etna in Sicily she regularly acts in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

She has graduated with an MA in Acting (Performance) at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London and has previously studied theatre at the prestigious Cours Florent in Paris.

After her intense and eclectic training Roberta has been working in both British and international productions. Some of her most recent credits include a feature film called “Maria’s Place” (co lead role) and “Brothers of Italy”, a touching short movie in which she plays the role of Liccia, an italian immigrant in WW2 Britain.
When not acting Roberta can be seen giving passionate tours around London, dancing swing or sipping an old fashioned while listening to gypsy jazz.

Celeste Ratazzi

is a costume technician who has been working for theatre and television since 2013, after completing her studies at “Accademia Teatro alla Scala”.

Some of her seamstress jobs took place at “Tirelli Costumi” in Rome, where she handled period costumes for productions such as “Penny Dreadful” and a Luca Ronconi’s “Falstaff”; in Milan, at “Atelier Brancato”, “Casa D’Arte Fiore” and “Accademia Teatro alla Scala” Ballet School; she also made corsets and dance costumes for “The Voice – of Italy” and “X Factor – Italia”.

In London, she worked on SS19 collection of Ingrid Kraftchenko, on the costumes for the 2019 edition of “Animals Ball” and started a collaboration with “Aliens with Extraordinary Abilities” since their show “Victorinox”.

Her specialities are corsets and period dresses, both historically accurate ones and others made with her personal interpretation, for which she takes inspiration from her inner world where theatre, fantasy and nature are coiled and enhanced.

Alicia Lafranchi

has been fascinated by the arts since a very young age. Today, she is the founder of ‘Les Artistes’, because she always dreamt about making a difference where art meets life.

Growing up in Switzerland, she believed early on that ‘there must be something else to life’. Her experiences in South America were significant to her development as an adolescent. She studied Tourism Management, as she would be able to work anywhere on earth.

She finally left Switzerland for good in 2013, after getting experience in a leading Event Management Agency in Geneva. Her idea: to mix dance and travel, starting with New York, where she ended up staying for 6 years, living the ‘American Dream’. In the big apple she trained in dance with Frankie Martinez and taught children the art form in schools around the city. In order to ‘make it’ she has also held admin and business development positions for organizations including United Nations. Alicia is sure that ‘If you can make it here you can make it anywhere’ – is not just a saying.

London seemed perfect to build her own company, back to her roots in Europe, halfway between Paris and New York. Alicia works with upcoming artists and connects them with places and businesses that are usually not exposed to the arts, human-to-human.

Art has always opened up fascinating opportunities and connections for her and she is determined to create the same possibilities for you.


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