You have kindly been invited to the funeral of Mr. G.
Few are the guests who can say they actually knew the deceased but the priest celebrating the mass asks everyone to say a few words anyway.
With every speech we are thrown in the imagination of the late Mr. G, where every occurence of his life is stained by the frail mind of an old man. We understand that his life, meaningless to many, was actually a dark tale, dedicated to the protection of his daughter by the horror of society.
“Goodbye Mr. G”, inspired by “The Adventures Of Pinocchio” by Carlo Collodi, will bring you into an odissey in dreams, going from the deepest human fears to the highest peek of unconditional love of a parent.


Tolerance easily lacks for those who feel different from the "common" model, they have been mocked and misunderstood by many.
The story we want to tell you is about a boy who doesn’t feel confident in his body because he would like to be a girl. To feel accepted Pinocchio creates a fantasy world where he's a puppet who wishes to become a real child.
Aliens with extraordinary Abilities got inspired by gender labels. Rather than just showing the nature of those who need to change their sex to reflect their feelings, we wanted to investigate on those who still think that something inappropriate is going on.

“It’s so scary when you get to that moment where you’re naked and you’re like ‘Okay. Here I am...”
“I just wanted to play with bugs and make cakes in my Easy Bake Oven...”
“I feel a lot of pressure to abandon the parts of me that are feminine in order to perform masculinity in an acceptable way...”
“Not all trans and gender-nonconforming people feel “trapped” in the bodies they were born into...”


While mourning Geppetto The Woodcarver at his funeral reception, we discover that every bizarre character from Collodi's world-renown fairy tale is present - all except for his beloved puppet! Where is Pinocchio? Was the wooden boy ever real, or just a figment of a lonely man's imagination at the twilight of his life?

Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group and Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities proudly present an authentic, all-Italian cast as they bring-to-life their outlandish and dark adaptation of the classic "Pinocchio".


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